How to Choose a Car Roof Rack?

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How to Choose a Car Roof Rack?

Jeep Roof Rack The planning of your next adventure becomes simpler when you know that it will be easy to carry all of your gear. With the right roof rack for your vehicle, you’ll be able to carry your kayak, bicycle additional equipment, and even a roof tent along.

Check the Weight

The word “strong” is a good thing, but “heavy” isn’t. Some racks are bulky and made of heavy materials such as steel. However, you don’t have to sacrifice strength to gain weight. A properly-engineered, all-aluminum rack can be 30% lighter than steel and will have greater strength and load-carrying capacity.

Go for Modular

A modular rack allows for simple assembly and allow you to include rack slats to suit different applications, like constructing a platforms, changing out accidents damages, or adding additional items such as the expedition rails. The rack is able to be modified for what you require at any time.

Check Out the Accessory Lineup

The most effective rack can be used to fulfill multiple functions. The widest selection of accessories offers endless adventures possibilities. Be sure your rack will be able to accommodate mountings for water and fuel cans and roof top tents. skis, bikes, surfboards and canoes/kayaks and any other accessories you might require.

Because some companies will make it difficult for them to display accessories of competitors on their racks make sure that you’re not closing yourself out of choices you’d like.

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Strength and Durability

There’s no faster method to ruin your trip than through an unreliable rack. If you’re planning on going to the backcountry and a rack that isn’t expensive might not be able to make it. Be sure that the manufacturer of the rack has a specialization in making equipment which has been tested under extreme conditions.

Don’t limit your adventures to asphalt because you’re concerned about the strength of your rack. Some of the most beautiful camping spots are accessible only through fire roads and dirt trails!

Low Profile

Whatever you decide to put onto your rooftop, you’ll affect the sound and efficiency of your vehicle. It’s good to know that you can minimize the effect of your roof by using the use of a rack with a low profile. (“Basket-style” racks can accomplish the opposite.)

A lower profile helps make loading and unloading equipment simpler, allowing an easier access to garages, and causes less drag, which leads to less noise and improved fuel efficiency.

Product Support

Companies selling racks that fly by night are available. They are rip-offs made of poor quality that take your money and then disappear. Make sure you choose reputable firms that have been in business for a long time and offer live customer support to assist with rack installation and answer questions regarding performance.

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