Firstly, do not take your vehicle through automotive washing stations with your roof racks installed! Hand wash the racks with soap and water. Do not use any abrasive materials. If in doubt check your product instructions.

Our high-end roof racks have been designed with rubber inserts to reduce noise and prevent whistling. Incorrect installation is the most common cause of noisy roof racks. Check your product`s instructions to make sure the rubber strips are installed correctly in the channels both topside and underside of your roof rack bars. The rubber inserts should be cut to the correct length and fitted inside the channel so there are no gaps. Lastly, ensure your end caps are installed and locked before driving. If you want to further reduce wind noise, check out our Wind Fairings here. If the noise still persists, check with your nearest dealer for further options.

Load Ratings vary between vehicles, roof type, and fixture style. Please refer to our Load Rating Calculator to calculate the load rating for your vehicle and roof rack system.

In many cases, the roof racks will be compatible with the sunroof version of a vehicle. You should check if there is an "important note" on the roof rack system, as this will detail any considerations like sunroof compatibility. We recommend caution is taken when operating a sunroof with roof racks installed for the first time and be aware of how your cargo may affect the sunroof operation.

Most likely not. To ensure a safe and effective fitment, roof racks may vary greatly between vehicles depending on the roof design. To check cross compatibility, you need to know the product codes for your current system and cross-reference that information with the product breakdown on the systems available for the new vehicle. While some roof racks will fit multiple vehicles if you are unsure you should visit your nearest dealer for further details.

Many of our roof racks can easily be installed at home, however, we recommend some roof rack systems such as trackmounts and backbones are installed by an authorised dealer. Always follow the instructions and be aware some systems do not come with all the necessary tools for install. See our Fitting Times guide on which systems we recommend are installed professionally. If you have any issues installing a product, please contact your nearest dealer for help and refer to the instructions.

Yes, you can find your roof rack instructions by selecting your vehicle using our tool and finding your roof racks. You`ll find all necessary documents under the documents tab on the rack page.

Our products are flexible allowing for a variety of custom options. You will need to think about altering the racks at any way may void the guarantee and how the weight and fitment style may impact your vehicles load carrying capability.

It is also important to note we've chosen the roof rack systems for vehicles based on the best fitments. Some fitments aren't recommended for vehicles with reduced load evaluations or roof types and won't be developed for all those vehicles.